Hi, I’m Lia.
I decided to do

many things.

Create Experiences.

Trained in classical piano from an early age on, later taking guitar lessons and drumming casually in a school band empowered me to take on electronic music. When clubs where closing in 2020 I decided to DJ for myself, when they were opening again, I began DJing there.

My grandmothers love for creative work, especially painting, influenced me to explore digital art. Graphic design intrigued me, since good communicative design is less about art, its driven by researching users and requires design thinking to shape clever systems. That’s where my true passion is.

Inheriting my grandfathers passion for photography, I decided to pick up a cheap film camera. With the transition to a digital body new opportunities such as videography emerged, but I still hold on to analogue lenses.

Creative work can be used for marketing, sure, but at its core design makes us understand things. Creating work for political organizations combines my passion for design and change.



Work on point.

Since more than four years I design websites, social media content and print products. I have worked with museums, movements and small business owners.

When I’m not doing graphic work, I play Techno and Drum and Bass for clubs or teach stuff I know.

Spark Change.

I strongly believe we need radical action to manage the climate crisis properly. Changing the way we organize society and economy is crucial. Measuring the importance of things only through their monetary value hurts our culture, our quality of life and thereby people. We’ve seen this clearly with clubs, theaters and generally art during the corona pandemic, although its a problem since decades. But we need culture. We need a safe home. We need a system change.

From an early age on I messed with computers, started writing scripts and hacking together code and simple websites. Looking back, this was the start of my political activism. Participating in petitions, raising awareness and participating in local discussions.

With those hobbies and influenced by the publications of the Chaos Computer Club my interest in the right to privacy and the awareness for surveillance was raised.

This interest remains until today and I’ll selfhost until I die. But along the way, I’ll fight surveillance!

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